What is Community-Owned Solar?

Community solar arrays, sometimes referred to as a solar farm or solar garden, are centralized photovoltaic (PV) power facilities that deliver reliable, commercial-scale renewable energy to an electric utility’s grid. The utility’s customers, including residences, businesses, and tax-exempt entities, can own or lease solar panels in the array without having to install panels on their own rooftop or property.

You Own It

With Clean Energy Collective you’ll actually own, not lease, part of a local clean energy power plant and you will be directly credited on your electric bill for the power produced – saving you money! CEC owners leverage their collective purchasing power and buy as little or as much clean energy equipment as they choose at much reduced prices. Until now, it has been impossible to own a clean power system in a community-owned project. Today you have this option with Clean Energy Collective.


The Choices Are Yours

CEC owners leverage their collective purchasing power and buy as little or as much clean energy equipment as they choose at far reduced prices. You can start owning your own system a little at a time and can increase the system size whenever you choose. No need to spend thousands of dollars for a clean energy system to start reaping the many rewards.

Ownership in CEC allows you, as an individual or business, to directly own a wide variety of more-economical clean energy systems that we build right in your area – solar electric (PV), micro-hydro, geothermal, wind or biomass.

We Maintain It

Clean Energy Collective provides member-owned renewable energy facilities, able to power large groups of houses and businesses. Think of them as purchasing groups built in coordination with your local utility. CEC handles everything for you: construction, management and perpetual maintenance for optimal performance.

Community Solar Power Maintained by CEC a maintained solution means optimal performance, which maximizes your system’s payback and its impact on the environment. There is no additional out of pocket cost for maintenance.


The Savings Are Real

We all know about economies of scale – the power of buying in bulk. CEC purchases large amounts of equipment at a time, enabling you and everyone else to get the same bulk prices that are impossible to secure on your own. We also purchase the best equipment possible, ensuring that your investment into clean energy is as good as it can be. We don’t cut corners to save you a few cents now, only to cost you hundreds of dollars of lost production later.

CPS Energy Roofless Solar

Clean Energy Collective has partnered with CPS Energy to provide roofless community solar for their customers who want to enjoy the benefits of solar power with none of the hassles. Space is limited, so act fast and reserve your panels before they’re all gone!